Quality & Standards Policy

NJ Richards Ltd is a quality driven organisation with a corporate vision to grow by providing innovative services to our customers. Our policy is supported by systems and processes that are fully ISO 9001 compliant and are incorporated within the Company’s Integrated Management System.

The scope of the Company’s operations covers the provision of specialised design, planning, construction and maintenance services. The Integrated Management System covers all operations.

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for the Quality Policy and supporting management systems and has appointed Richard Neocleous, Director, with particular responsibility for advising and informing the Board on Quality Policy and ISO9001:2008 compliance.

It is the policy of NJ Richards Ltd to provide a level of service and focus that exceeds client’s expectations and delivers complete client and customer satisfaction.

The Company is committed to:-

  • Maintaining compliance with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice applicable to the Quality Policy as a minimum, and to monitoring new developments to continually improve the Quality performance standards.
  • Making Quality Assurance an integral part of the management of the Company.
  • Managing Quality issues through a structured approach of policy, processes, training and awareness at all levels.
  • Involving and consulting with employees and where appropriate, their representatives, to effectively communicate on Quality matters.
  • Reviewing the Quality Policy on an annual basis and implementing appropriate improvements.
  • Bringing all changes in the Quality Policy and Integrated Management System to the attention of all employees.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of NJ Richards Project Ltd Quality Management System.
  • Engaging positively with our customers in order to generate improvement and to ensure that measurable quality objectives are established and reviewed.

Every member of NJ Richards Ltd recognises and embraces these values. An atmosphere of quality improvement shapes our organisation and provides unquestioned conformance with contract requirements.


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